List of Contacts


Pia Kristiansson, Principal at Storuman Folkhögskola

Telephone: 070-600 73 02  E-mail: pia.kristiansson(@)

Lives in: Storuman.

Is from: Storuman.

Other places she lives: Stockholm, Sundsvall, Tärnaby.

Member of: PR-association Vildmannen.

Courses I have taken and recommend: Snowmobile, water gymnastics and thinbread baking.

Interests: Scrapbooking and travel.

Favorite municipality destination: Of all the thousands of places I’ve been I choose Gardfjället and Ryfjället in Mellanbygden. It’s where I’ve been going since I could walk. I especially love all the amazing snowmobile tours of the area. In autumn, when the snow is just right, you can lie down in the comfort of the snow, sunbathe and spend time with company. That’s the life. The mountains and forrest are also enjoyable in spring, with all their beautiful colors. The best is that along the way you can fill your freezed with beries and mushrooms.



Karin Kopparmalms, Recruitment Officer

Telephone: 070-328 42 69   E-mail: karin.kopparmalms(@)

Lives in: Vilhelmina.

Is from: Vilhelmina.

Has lived in: Gäddede, Tallsjö, Skellefteå, Meselefors.

Member of: Vilhelmina Mission Association.

Courses I’ve taken and recommend: Alphakurs.

Interests: Family, gardening, att handicrafts, sewing and dragracing.

Favorite municipality destination: Central Vilhelmina, where I live near the church.

The hiking area near Vilhelmina’s southern exit, and the incredible summer camp by the Missionary Church, nine kilometers south of Vilhelmina.


Andreas Lundqvist, Technical Supervisor and organizer for Virtual Healthspace

Telephone: 070-216 67 68   E-Mail: andreas.lundqvist(@)

Lives in: Storuman.

Is from: Arjeplog.

Has lived in: Luleå, Umeå, Visby and Arvidsjaur.

Andreas is a member of: Various hunting and fishing associations, and multiple athletic associations.

Recommends the course: Hunting.

Interests: Hunting, fishing and outdoor life. Also has a large IT interest.

Favorite spots: Near Storuman I like the local “Churchtrail” called Kyrkstigen, the Scout cabin is a great place to take kids. Generally the outdoor world here is mindblowing. 


Maria Westin, Administrator for Vilhelmina Municipality

Telephone: 0940-144 14  E-Mail: maria.westin(@)

Lives in: (The) Forrest, Vilhelmina.

Is from: Örnsköldsvik.

Has lived in: Uppsala.

Interests: Going running in the great outdoors.

Favorite spots: The nature surrounding where I live. There I can enjoy the calm, explore the grounds together with my family while picking berries and enjoying the Peace.


Madeleine Rinman, Informator at Storuman Municipality

Telephone: 0951-140 20 E-Mail: madeleine.rinman(@)

Lives in: Storuman, Stensele.

Is from: Karlstad in Värmland.

Has lived in: Stockholm, Gothernburg and Brussels.

Is an association member of: Storuman IK.

Interests: Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, running, hiking, outdoor life and working out.

Municipality favorite: Cross-country skiing in Kobåset in Hemavan.


Gunnel Karlsson, Staff Chief

Telephone: 0940-140 40 E-post: gunnel.karlsson(@)

Lives in: Svannäs, Vilhelmina.

Is from: Dorotea.

Is a member of: Västerbottens handicraft association, Vilhelmina Church Choir, Svannäsbygdens Interest Association.

Interests: Choir singing and knitting.

Favorite places up north: Svannäs! Where I live right in the nature, I can have peace and quiet. Svannäs church, a family church at Volgsjön, occupies much of my freetime too. Baptisms, weddings, concerts and Sunday services are all arranged here.



Roland Gustafsson, Nurse and projekt leader at Glesbygdsmedicinskt Centrum (Center for Rural Medicene)

E-Mail: roland.gustafsson(@)

Lives in: Storuman.

Is from: Storuman.

Roland has lived in: Ekerö, Fort Portal Uganda.

Is a member of: Filadelfia and Mokkengielas Gunting Club.

Interests: Generally interested in politics and societal questions. Questions of competence are interesting to me.

Favorite municipality spot: Luspholmen, an oasis 5 kilometers from Storuman. We have our cabin there, where we go to recharge.

More about Roland: Married with three kids, aged 16-26 as well as a small dog.



Catharina Ingvarsson, General Practitioner in Tärnaby, Study Director for doctors in General Medicine of a Rural Profile. Is Applying Shortly to a Doctor’s service.

Telephone: 072-5346792, 070-3948818  E-mail: catharina.ingvarsson(@)

Lives in: Sandås between Storuman and Tärnaby.

From: Umeå.

Associations Catharina is in: Västerbotten Birdhound Club, Slussfors Ik.

Interests: Moose Hunting, running, skiing, dogs, berries and mushroom picking.

Favorite municipality destination: Forrest around the home in Vesken. 

More about Catharina: Has kids in elementary and middle school.



Peter Berggren, Chief of Operations at Center for Rural Medicene in Storuman

E-Mail: peter.berggren(@)

Lives In: Stensele.

Is from: Norrberg, Storuman.

Other places Peter has lived: Messaure, Jönköping, Eskilstuna, Umeå, Örnsköldsvik.

Member of: Uman Fly Fishing Association, Storuman Fly Fishing Association, Stensele idrottsförening.

Interests: Music, literature.

Favorite municipality destinations: Artfjället is the place to hike. Kirjesån for fly fishing in the night. Storbäcken’s mouth in Stensele for summer fishing, great for catching big perches and enormous pikes. Ryfjället for snowmobiling and skiing. If you’re lucky with the weather you can experience some of the best days of your life out there. Kirjesålandet teaches you the the mystique of the wilderness.