Cross-Country Skiing



Cross-Country Skiing

Northern Sweden is a goldmine for the ski enthusiast. The area is full of ski trails and slopes in towns, out in mountains, through forrests, you might very well find trails in smaller villages or by lakes too. Ski enthusiasts are known to take the initiative of creating their own ski space. Many of these places have a trail fee, so ask around to see how you can support local ski associations or trail makers.


Vilhelmina Ski Stadium 

In central Vilhelmina you will find ready made ski trails equipped with electric lights every winter. Keep an eye out for the town’s favorite phenomenal biathlon skier.


In Saxnäs you will find beautiful readymade slopes early in the skiing season. Skiiers from all over the world come here to ski in the nature.


 Directly next to the ski chalet lies Klimpfjälls ski trail. This is a 2,3 km long electrically lit track, complete with a 6-15 kilometer long day trail.


Here there are two trails, one of 3 km and another at 5 km. The shorter one is lit during dark.


An active town that works persistently to keep its ski slopes in good shape. Several competitions are held here each year.


Prepares tracks in both a classical way and for skating. There are lights here, but they must be lit manually by skiers.


Keeps its trail in excellent shape, 15 kilometers of light-equipped skiing along with many other slopes which are unlit. During 2014-15 a sprint slope and a cross-country trail joined the prior areas. There is even a biathlon facility.


In Hemavan you will find a lit slope of two kilometers along with some longer trails. Skiing here is recommended during autumn, when the weather is far better. Drottningleden and Kobåset are adjusted according to the season and cross-country Ski-Skating is possible along kungsleden.


Vikmyra ski statium has tracks for everybody. Lit with also toilets and showers.

Tärnaby sjöspår

Six kilometers around Gäutan can be used for skiing when the weather is appropriate. 

Hemavan Tärnabys

 entire ski area has great guides at the tourist bureau. Keep in mind that there are more trails to explore than we can list on this page.


Across from the old school is a manually lit slope.


Slussfors IK is an active club that pay close attention to their trails. A lot of competitions are arranged here throughout the year. Other association-driven ski slopes and trails can be found in the villages Ankarsund, Barsele, Pauträsk, Forsmark, Grundfors, Långsjöby and Åskilije.


  Vilhelmina Skidstadion    Storuman   
  Saxnäs    Hemavan   
  Klimpfjäll   Tärnaby  
  Kittelfjäll   Tärnaby sjöspår  
  Järvsjöby   HemavanTärnaby  
  Dikanäs   Strömsund