Municipalities Storuman and Vilhelmina are decorated largely by Sweden’s chain of mountains. These are sometimes refered to as the Southern Lapland Mountains. Here you can enjoy a unique experience entirely for free, any season. The trails are continuously maintained, wintertime is no exception.

Hiking is a highly popular activity in north Sweden, the most complete information about accomodation and offers can be found at STF, Swedish Tourist Association. Another place you can turn for reliable information about nature reserves in Sweden, The Freedom to Roam, how cabins work and so on, is the County Cuncil.  


Begins in Hemavan and reaches all the way to Abisko. Boasting 400 kilometers and is known as one of the world’s best hiking trails.


Starts in the same spot as Kungsleden but is much shorter, 9 km to Laisaliden.

Marsfjällets Naturreservat 

Situated between Kultsjödalen and Kittefjällsområdet. This trail is popular to wander by beginning at Marsliden and Fatmomakke. Kittefjäll also has a trail that takes you to Marsfjället, where you’ll find the area’s highest peak (Marsfjällstoppen) reaches 1589 meters above sea.


Or “Norway traveller’s trail” is a historically loaded trail which was used throughout Swedish history to make merchant trips to Norway. It begins in Klimpfjäll.