Slalom and Snowboard



View from Kungsliften in Hemavan


In Storuman you will find Three areas with slalom slopes. Hemavan and Tärnaby are most famous, but Storuman also has one of its own.

Vilhelmina has slalom slopes in Kittefjäll and Klimpfjäll, as well as outside of the town Vilhelmina itself.

Tärnaby is home to Sweden’s timeless and top notch alpine club – Tärna IK Fjällvinden. The ingemar slope in Tärnaby is homologized to host slalom competitions, Anjabacken and Hassebacken are primed for giant slalom. The slopes pass FIS standards of safety.

In Tärnaby there is more than 1 world or olympic medalist in downhill skiing in every 700 inhabitant. In the area there´s plenty of opportunities for downhill skiing but there´s also beautiful tracks for those who prefer cross-country skiing. Im one of those who likes just going by skis up in the mountains, having a cup of coffee and simply enjoy the views.

Look at the movie with Jens Byggmark, Tärnabys latest world cup star. I have also put some links to some of the best skiing spots in our area.