Snowmobile Riding


Photo: Sofia Berggren


Snowmobile Riding

Snowmobile riding is a favorite among young and old in these rural areas. You will find trails through dark forrests, bright lakes and massive mountains. Aside from enjoying snowmobiles as entertainment, there are many who enjoy using them as a means of racing and travel.

If you want to start adventuring on a snowmobile there are few things to remember:

– You must have a valid lisence.

– Buy a trailmap.

– Many areas also require a trail liscence. By buying these you help fund and appreciate the initiative and hard work that goes into keeping trails tidy and safe. Contact the tourist bureau or enter a store in ie Saxnäs, Klimpfjäll, Kittefjäll, Hemavan, Tärnaby, Slussfors and Umnäs, employees can help you find one.

– Check the weather and snow depth before riding out.


You will surely have a nice snowmobile experience, as long you respect that some areas are off limits, be careful and stay to the trails.


  Guide till körning av snöskoter