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Since the environment in our region is covered in snow for large parts of the year, it is common for many people here to own a snowmobile. Many of the people here use them for work, many people use them to go on roadtrips, approach fishing destinations, or to simply enjoy the sun and grill some hot dogs. In the year 2012, 3179 snowmobiles were registered in Storuman municipality alone. That’s 1,8 mobiles per citizen. Vilhelmina’s numbers equate to 2,8 mobiles per citizen. (Source:

Within Storuman municipality, you will find 130 miles of snowmobile terrain that is prepared according to citizen needs. Find more info on snowmobile paths in Storuman at the municipality homepage.

Vilhelmina has 170 snowmobile trails. Info can be found on this at Vilhelminabygdens Snowmobile Organization.

Preparation is done by specialized municipality personell, companies, ideal snowmobile associations and other snowmobile enthusiasts. Buying a trail ticket is considered good form as you contribute financialy to the upkeep of the trails. Make sure to stay updated on possible changes in the trail system and when snowmobile prohibition is taking place. It is usually announced in the newspaper, information letters are sent out, or the municipality webpage announces it. 

To drive a snowmobile you need a snowmobile permit. Or a (Swedish) driver’s liscence given out before year 2000. Read more at Körkortsportalen homepage. 

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