Research and development

In the region today there is a clear emphasis on research and development. In 2012 Västerbotten’s County Council started two rural medical centers. “GMC” both in Storuman and Vilhelmina.

With health cottages as grounds, with well-developed distance technology and safe routines, we develop a world-leading concept for rurally populated areas with many elderly inhabitants. The way there is marked by systems, technology, research, development and education circulating around the prevention of illness. We emphasize insight through research and by educating about the specific requirements of rural areas. 

With cottage hospitals as a base, with well-developed tistance technology and safe routines, we develop a world class concept for rural areas populated by many elderly inhabitants. We achieve our goals through systems; technology , research, development and education where work revolves around hindering illness and building knowledge through research, as well as educating about the requirements of a rural area.
This gives inhabitants access to special support at a distance, and cutting-edge technology to create a cost-effective and high quality care system.