Day Care and Preschool

In sparsely populated areas, waiting times are usually short for preschool, from three to four months. The staff density is high in relation to the number of children and all preschools offer a lot of outdoor activity. Preschools are for children from one year of age. The preschools offer the children a safe, fun and educational place. Through play, the children learn, create, explore and play with other children in groups and socialize with other adults. Children from one year of age should be offered a place in preschool or educational care according to the needs that exist.

Job-seeking parent and parental leave

As a job seeker you have the right to be offered to keep the child’s place in preschool for 20 hours per week. A parent who is on parental leave for the care of another child is entitled to be offered 15 hours per week for his child. The times are decided with the preschool in dialogue with the parents and based on what is best for the child.

Mother tongue support

For children attending preschool there are mother tongue support. There are preschools in sparsely populated areas that offer preschools with Sami specialization, the municipalities that are included in the administrative area for Sami are Storuman municipality, Sorsele municipality, Malå municipality, Vilhelmina municipality, Dorotea municipality and Arjeplog municipality.

Open preschool

Open preschool is a meeting place for parents and children, where they can have fun together and practice activities. Open preschool is free of charge and no registration or registration is required. Activities that are usually offered at open preschools are singing time together and children’s games.