Medical doctors


Would you like to work in a physician profession that is unlike any other? One where you constantly face new personally developing challenges? Then you should work for Glesbygds Healthcare with us in South Lappland. Working for us means you rack up experience of overall patient care. It means the work is ever changing, stimulating and challenging. Our staff encounters all manner of situations. You’ll have the pleasure of working with people of all ages, and may literally have patients from the cradle to the grave. You’ll also be surrounded by highly competent colleagues and enjoy an establishment with many qualifications under one roof.

We run an ER as well as a regular open care unit according to the cottage hospital model (Or “sjukstugemodellen”). As a physician at the cottage hospital you work in a team among district teachers, district nurses, midwives, work therapists, physiotherapists, and counselor. The cottage hospital is a well-equipped health central with modern equipment, a digitalized x-ray, laboratory and telemedicinal technology that allows reception of nearly every patient category. Our ward is staffed 24/7 with emergency rooms, run by Västerbottens County Council hand-in-hand with the Municipalities. The Municipality and the cottage hospital also cooperate in a family central. An ambulance is available in town, and a helicopter with a pain relief practicioner is stationed in Lycksele, approximately 20 minutes away.

Regardless of your future plans, this is an experience you will remember fondly throughout your whole career. This is a job with a wider range of healthcare than anywhere else in Sweden.  The environment you are placed in is completely different to that of a regular hospital. You’ll work with everything from emergency care to inpatient care, and with an entire spectrum of persons, from child health to elderly care. If you would like to do research in the duration of your employment, this is something we regard positively.

Inviting Study Visits

To work for us, either for a shorter or longer period, means you have access to experienced colleagues who are at your disposal for guidance and support. You work in a team of district doctors, district nurses, work therapists, physiotherapists, the list goes on. We even provide and help with living quarters etc, and help you establish work contacts if you  transfer with someone who has a different type of education.

Should this sound interesting to you, a study visit may be an excellent first choice. That way we can explain more about the daily working and living life in the area while you receive practical information and the chance to meet future colleagues. You can make a first hand assessment of whether this is for you.

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If you’re interested in working at Glesbygd or want to come for a study visit, write your e-mail address in the field below along with the area of work you are interested in.