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Internship at a cottage hospital means loads of different experiences. We have emergency care, as well as regular open care according to the cottage hospital model. One works in a team together with district physicians, district nurses, midwives, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and curator. Cottage hospitals are well equipped health/centrals with modern equipment, digitalized x-rays, laboratories, and telemedical technology that makes reception of a large and varied patient amount possible. Also exists a care unit, staffed twenty-four seven, with emergency rooms run by Västerbotten County Council  and the Municipalities jointly. In Vilhelmina cooperation is also in a family central. Ambulances exist in the town, and helicopters with anesthesiologists are stationed in Lycksele ca 20 minutes away.

Work is ever-changing, stimulating and challenging. One encounters numerous things. You get to work with people of all ages, sometimes literally from the cradle to the grave. You’ll be working with highly competent colleagues, as well as many different skillsets under one roof.

Regardless of your future plans, this is an opportunity that you will recall fondly throughout your entire career. This is a job with a broader registry of healthcare than anywhere else in Sweden. The environment you will work in is entirely different than a regular hospital. You will work with everything from emergencies to inpatient care, on a scale of child care to geriatrics.

Cottage hospitals also offer the possibility of work as a doctor’s assistant during summer. With us, you can even receive tips and help with a graduate job about related to healthcare.

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