ST Service


In south lappland you can do ST-service within public medicine with specialization in rural medicine. Specialization in rural medicine means lengthening the duration by six months to focus on rural-specific working assignments. This is a job with a broader register of healthcare than anywhere else in Sweden and the environment you are placed in differs from a regular hospital. You work with everything from emergency healthcare to inpatient care, and with everything from child care to geriatrics.

Throughout your service you will receive colleague support and competent rural medicinal supervision. In fact our district doctors prioritize the assignment so as to supervise students. Supervision occurs both individually and or in groups, and follows a set schedule. Within your schedule you’ll also find time designated for your own studies. The agreed upon time frame for planned reception is one where we assign 30-60 minutes per patient, until you feel ready for the “full assignment” where you receive a patient each half  hour. There is also designated time in your schedule for administration. If you are interested in research you may do so during your service.

Working with us means you get access to patient overall health.

We run emergency healthcare as well as regular open care according to the medicabin model. As an ST-doctor at the medicabin you work in a team with, but not limited to: District physicians, district nurses, midwives, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and curator. Medicabins are well prepared health centrals with modern equipment, digitalized x-rays, laboratories, and tele-medicinal technology  that makes it easier to take in nearly all patient categories, as well as care units occupied 24/7 with emergency  care spaces that Västerbotten County Council and the Municipalities run jointly. In Vilhelmina one also co-operates in a family central.  Ambulances can be found in the town and helicopters with anesthesiologists are stationed in Lycksele, circa 20 minutes away.

The work is ever-changing, stimulating and challenging. One gets to do all sorts of things. You get to work with people of all ages, sometimes literally from the cradle to the grave. You work with colleagues of a high competence and many competence and many different competences under one roof.

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