Nurse Profession


As a nurse within a rural area there are many areas to work in. The most common employers are the municipality and county, but several private companies also hire nurses, for example to work in ambulances and company health divisions.

Within the municipality you may choose to work with elderly persons in specified living areas, or with domestic patient care. Even school health falls under the Municipality’s list of obligations. In many areas there are also divisions operated by both Municipality and County Council jointly. Within the County Council you can choose to work at a hospital ward or at a doctor’s reception. Because there is x-ray equipment at the cottage hospitals, you can even work as a x-ray nurse. Midwife work can be found at midwife receptions and prenatal care, in addition to the family central in Vilhelmina. District nurses work at district nurse repceptions as well as the Vilhelmina family central. Furthermore there exists a large portion of special assignments for nurses to handle, not limited to diabetes, asthma, and dementia.

We have psychiatric reception in Lycksele, Storuman and Vilhelmina. (As well as a few more Municipalities.) You as a nurse can choose to educate yourself on into a district nurse competence as well, or train for the care of elderly persons.