AT Services – Film


If you do an obligatory service “AT” or “Foundation Doctor” year in Lycksele you can do open healthcare placement at one of our cottage hospitals. Whatever your future plans, this is an experience you will have joy from throughout your whole career, as this is a job with a broader register of healthcare than anywhere else in Sweden. The environment you will find yourself in differs entirely from a regular hospital. You work with everything from Emergency Care to Inpatient Care, in the whole spectrum from child care to geriatrics.

Working for us means experience with overall health of patients.

We oversee emergency care as well as regular open care according to the cottage hospital model. As an AT-teacher with the cottage hospital you work in a team with (but not restricted to) district physicians, district nurses, midwives, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and curator, this comprising circa 40 colleagues. The cottage hospitals are well equipped health centrals with modern equipment. Such as digitalized x-rays, labs, as well as telemedicinal technology, making it easy to attend to nearly all patient categories alongside a care division that is staffed twenty four hours a day with emergency room places run by Västerbotten’s County’s Council and Municipalities jointly. In Vilhelmina one even works in a family central. Ambulances exist within the locality and helicopters containing anesthesiologists are stationed in Lycksele circa 20 minutes away.

The work is ever-changing, stimulating and challenging. You will encounter many different things. You will also work with people of various ages, sometimes literally from the cradle to the grave. You’ll work with highly competent colleagues and with many qualifications under one roof.

Interview with an AT doctor

Ann sellberg speaks about the difference between working in large hospitals and rural ones. She also touches on the similarities between care establishments in Ethiopia and Storuman.