Leisure time is vital regardless of where one lives and people do all sorts of things when they aren’t in school or working. Leisure creates opportunities for networking and contact-building, and is a great way to find friends. Especially for new arrivals.

Enjoying Nature

In Sweden we have established the right for people to move freely within nature thanks to our legal right, the freedom to roam. You employ the right to roam when you take a walk, go boating, or sit on a rock thinking. The freedom to roam describes different rules in diffferent situations.
The right to roam also means we have an obligation to take responsibility for nature and animals alike, to be thoughtful towards both land owners and other visitors. When you are out in nature you should therefore keep the right to roam’s first rule in mind, that is; Do not destroy.

Association Life

Association freedom, meaning the right to start your own association, is a human right within democratic society. A group of people who have a common interest or a uniting factor like background can therefore start an association together. There are many different types of associations within our municipalities, for example sports associations, cultural and musical associations, as well as religious associations. The municipality usually as a registry of the existing associations within it, there you can find one befitting you and your interests.

For children and Young People

Youths can meet friends on playgrounds and school yards, there are also organized courses where they may learn to play music, engage in theater or learn to dance. Contact your municipality to hear what is available near you, or visit their website. You can find more information in links at fritidsgården i Vilhelmina and fritidsgården i Storuman.

Study Associations

In our municipalities you will find various study associations, arranging courses and seminars regularly. In Storuman there is also a local division for open-air promotion.