Developmental Opportunities

If you’re looking to develop, a move to Storuman or Villhemina offers many different ways to do so. In the menu to your left, you will find various opportunities related to jobs and education.

Studies and Higher Education

For those interested, Akademi Norr is an innovative cooperation between 13 muncipalities and four counties. Both Storuman and Vilhemina are active participants, they offer a large amount of programs you can join.

Start and Manage a Company

If you’re more interested in running your own company, you can recieve help in Storuman and Vilhelmina from “näringslivskontoret” (Business Management Office), you can also get help from “utvecklingsenheten” (The Development Unit). The ambition in Norrland is to give companies and company owners the best service possible, whether you want to start a company, develop your company, or have an idea about new initiatives within our Muncipalities. 

Turn to the Business Management Office in our municipalities when you need information, advice, inspiration, or access to a local network for experience building and bussiness contacts. Here you will find a large contact netork, within but not limited to the County Council, Almi, Region Västerbotten, various financers and local municipalities that they gladly share information about.

Trends and Prognosis

According to SCB’s examination of educational groups expected to be underparticipated in by year 2035,  Health and Care Education, and gymnaisal are ranked highest. Subsequent is Gymnasial Engineering and Industry Development. If any of these interest you, finding a suitable education can contribute greatly to your chances of finding a job in the future.

During the coming years, many retirements are estimated within both public and private sectors of Storuman and Vilhelmina. Vacant jobs can be found on Arbetsförmedlingen’s homepage. You can also contact employers directly.


Näringslivsbolaget Argentis i Arjeplog

Näringslivskontoret i Dorotea kommun

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Näringslivskontoret i Storuman

Utvecklingsenheten i Vilhelmina

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