Hunting and fishing


Fly fishermen in Ammarnäs


Hunting and fishing

In sparsely populated areas, people have been fishing and hunting since ancient times. Nowadays you need to buy a license before you can fish or hunt. For hunting, you also need to take part of a course and receive a hunting exam. Any study associate at the resort can tell you when the courses start.


Dates for hunting

Small-scale hunts on territory owned by the Swedish government: Shooting season: For Swedish residents 25 aug, for others 16 sept.

Moose hunt: Shooting season: 4-25 sept, 9 okt – 31 jan.

Bear hunt: Shooting season: 21 aug – 15 okt.

Lynx hunt: Shooting season: 1 mars – 15 april.

Deer hunt: Shooting season: 16 aug – 31 jan.

Buy and activate hunting license at


Fishing license

Apply for fishing licenses in the different municipalities:

Vilhelmina,Åsele och Dorotea, Södra Lappland