Associations are important in rural Sweden. Not just to strengthen bonds, but people can meet people with similar interests. Communities have an association register where you can see which associations are available, whether they have homepages and who you should contact for more information.


Among others, the association register of Storuman contains the popular group Tärna IK Fjällvinden. This is an association that has fostered stars like Ingemar Stenmark, Anja Pärson and Jens Byggmark. You can also find PR-föreningen Vildmannen, the association making sure that “What should happen, does happen.” They fill many functions and notably are the ones deciding anual Storumanday prize for “Wild Man of the Year” and “Resident of the Year”.


Vilhelmina contains athletic associations including ones for biathlon, judo, sport of athletics, archery, and fencing.  Here you can also find the folk dance association Volgsjögillet, and the literary club Bernard Nordh-sällskapet.



  Tärna IK Fjällvinden
  PR-föreningen Vildmannen 
  Föreningsregister Storuman
  Bernard Nordh-sällskapet
  Föreningsregister Vilhelmina