Stores and Shopping


Photo: Sofia Berggren


Stores and Shopping

Merchants are often multi-hobby types and love customer opinions. This results in somewhat quaint bussiness combinations like  scooter sellers together with car workshops and morticians alongside flowershops. Toy shops, child clothing stores, fishstores and bicycle stores. Many companies offer e-shopping and quality delivery throughout Sweden. Supporting local bussiness owners is important to people who live in rural areas.

Lapland Eco Store 

Has succeeded very well with its online store of ecological products.

Fjällsport Tärnaby

Is a thorough sports and outdoor boutique is a sport and outdoor boutique determined to give you the best outdoor experience and the smoothest workout gear possible. A reliable place that has many years under its belt, they have a webstore on top of their usual shops.


Fishing shop in Storuman has high class service and good variety in both their webstore and shop. To boot: The shop staff offer fishing advice to any curious minds.



 Lapland Eco Store Järnia
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 Nybyggarland Tidlösa design
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