Culture and Courses


Photo: Sofia Berggren


Culture and courses


Storuman is home to Kulturakademin (“The Cultural Academy”) – A company that is famous for being responsible for the municipality music school. The music school is host to music cafeés, spontaneous performances and street music. The cultural academy owns various study circles and has an international cooperation with both Norway and Scottland. It also works with Norrbotten regionally. Storuman also has an active music- and theater association, as part of its national theater initiative. For the musically inclined, they offer an education in music production at Storumans Folhögskola. At Storummans kommunbibliotek (Storuman public library) you can find galleries andvarious seminars. Some nights movies are shown at Folkets Hus (The Community House).


Vilhelmina culture and leisure can be found on the municipality’s public facebook page. Most cultural arrangements within the municipality are in addition announced via, a collective forum for cultural engagements. Vilhelmina Folkets Hus (The Community House of Vilhelmina) Is a common place for various events and performances. Here you may find cinema as well as theater performances. In the summer the community house hosts outdoor music. It is also host to Vilhelmina public library, which arranges exhibits and has a sami division.


Both municipalities have a big selection of courses through student associations and various organizations. For those wishing to take exams for a hunting liscence, a snowmobile liscence, a fishing course, who want to learn a new language or bake traditional Swedish tunnbröd (Thinbread), there is a possibility to do all of these via student association in respective towns. If you should need help, please do not hesitate to contact us so we may help you further.




  Kulturakademin     Alla tiders samarbete – Västerbottens museum        
  Musik- och teaterförening    Malå kultur        
  Storumans Folkhögskola    Malå evenemang        
  Storuman bibliotek    Sorsele kultur        
  Wilmakultur    Arjeplog Medborgarhus        
  Vilhelmina Folkets Hus    Handelsplats Norsjö        
  Vilhelmina folkbibliotek    Åsele kultur        
  Norsjö Folketshus    Dorotea kommun kultur



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