Events and Activities



Events and Activities in rural areas

Though the population is not the most dense, many evenly spaced events are organized each year. Be ready to drive a Swedish mile or two, though.


In Storuman there are events which have become so firmly rooted that they are becoming tradition to the townsfolk. Storumandagarna or “The Storuman Days” is possibly the largest happening, kicked off by a homecoming party at Hotel Toppen on friday night, followed by a Dance Gala on Saturday. A weekend noted by both residents and former residents. Halloween, the student ball, christmas day and Swamp soccer weekend are counted as traditions of the townsfolk. Local villages also have attractive events, such as midsummer in Pauträsk, New Year’s in Hemavan, or Talludden in Sandsele.


The year’s main autumn event in Vilhelmina is Mikaeli. A weekend of festive street markets and shopping optimism. Vilhelmina hotel organizes songs and a live band. During the year’s darkest days Vilhelmina organizes a Winter Weekend. A weekend of partying, entertainment and various events meant to brighten a depressing winter. At Wilhelmina hotel old and young alike may enjoy a dance in the party hall, disco in the panorama bar or a live band. During daytime there are galleries and other passtimes to attend. Possibly the most legendary amusement of the Winter Weekend is the ice-pillar seat competition.


   Wilhelmina Winter Weekend