Photo: Sofia Berggren


For those seeking accommodation, there is plenty in Storuman and Vilhelmina. Municipality-owned living space is available in the form of both appartments and houses. Storuman’s main company for renting is Fastighets AB Umuluspen and in Vilhelmina the main company is named VIBO, Vilhelmina Bostäder AB. Both are owned by the municipality.

There are also several other companies and private persons renting out living areas. These may be harder to find if you have no contacts in the respective towns, but Storuman municipality has a comprehensive page that can aid you.

If you want to rent privately, it’s a good idea to announce this in local newspaper Vilhelmina Aktuellt. 


Storuman Fastighets AB Umluspen
Vilhelmina VIBO, Vilhelmina Bostäder AB
Sorsele SorseleBo AB
Malå Malåbostaden AB
Dorotea Doroteahus
Åsele Åselehus
Arjeplog Arjeploghus
Norsjö Norsjölägenheter AB